P.H.D FUNdamentals host an annual floor and vault competition in March each year; The Elements Competition. The competition was first held in 2018 and has become an annual event with other clubs attending. Our next competition will be held in 2024. If your club would like to join us get in touch!


After lockdown we were delighted to be able to register our first Floor & Vault Competition with Scottish Gymnastics in 2020! This has meant that any scores achieved can be used to take forward to any other Floor and Vault Competition across Scotland. 


Who can enter?

We try to give as many of our members the opportunity to take part in our competition however, once a gymnast has competed in a four piece competition, they are no longer eligible to take part. As an open competition, we invite many local clubs to take part. Unfortunately we cannot control how many hours they train so try to support our gymnasts as best as possible with extra practice. 


Who can judge?

Each club should supply a judge. As clubs rely hugely on volunteers they are always

busy. Our club is fortunate enough to have a few judges and many have

judged at Floor and Vault Competitions outside of club. Our judges have

like all judges completed courses and exams to ensure they are up to the

judging standard required in Scotland and passed by Scottish Gymnastics. 

On the occassions where clubs have not been able to supply judges, we have

hired someone to make our competition possible.


How do scores work?

Each gymnast completes a warm up on floor and vault before competing. This can be done different way depending on judge preference. On floor, a rolling warm up is the preferred option where a gymnast completes their floor routine as a warm up followed by a gymnast competing to the judge. On vault, two warm ups are allowed however, the judge will decide if they warm up two vaults and compete two or warm up one then compete one and repeat. 


The judge makes deductions from 10 for floor and vault. The floor routine has a tarrif ie each skill picked from the list (set by Scottish Gymnastics) has a score associated with it. The eight skills picked by each gymnast to compete has a maximum tarrif of 4.0. The judge score out of 10 and the tarrif is added together to give a score out of a maximum of 14.0


On vault the same applies, where the judge takes deductions from 10 and adds on a tarrif of 4.0 to give a total of 14.0.


How does a gymnast move levels?

There are three levels; Beginer, Intermediate and Advanced. Age groups are set as follows;



7 years (Beginner only), 8 years, 9 years, 10/11 years, 12(+) years. To move up, a gymnast must achieve the following combined scores in each level

Beginner > Intermediate 25.0

Intermediate > Advanced 26.0


The minimum age for Intermediate is 8 years.



Under 8 years

Under 10 years

Under 12 years

12 years +


Both boys and girls have different tarrifs and vaults updated by Scottish Gymnastics each year.


We are delighted with the support we have had from our members our the years and we hope to continue our tradition of our Elements Floor & Vault Competition in March each year as part of our annual calendar.