P.H.D FUNdamentals launches new logo after 10 years!

After 10 years we have retired our old logo designed by Lori & Pete. Although we are sad to see our original logo retire, we had looked at a fresh new look as our club has developed and changed over the last 10 years. The original logo was aimed at our Fun4Baby sessions, preschool and trampoline sessions up to 8 years. Today we are in a very different position with over 275+ gymnasts per week, five trampoline classes, four full size competition trampolines, 15 gymnastics classes, a JuniorGym session, a display team, a regional competition squad, a two piece squad and development groups. We also have grown in the number of coaches and volunteers we have on a weekly basis. 


As such we decided to upgrade our logo to celebrate our success and

enlisted the help of White Creative to bring our new logo to life. We gave 

Katie a brief and she worked hard to meet our colours, font and any other

ideas we had. Katie gave us so many ideas and even designed our new

hoodies! We are absolutely delighted with our new logo and decided to

launch it on Sunday 5th June as part of our Club Championships. We

launched our new logo with the help of our new young leaders with a mini

reveal of the back of our hoodies!


We loved working with White Creative who made it all so easy. We would high recommend Katie and are very grateful she was able to work with us to bring our ideas to life! Check out some of Katie's work here